Work placements for students of social work

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This section includes essential information on the different institutions where you can take a work placement in Social Work. The name of the lecturer who organises the placement is also provided.


Important: if you wish to take a work placement during your stay in Zaragoza you should return your student form to your coordinator, who should provide you with one, by:

  • 31st May if you will be coming during the first term.
  • 30th November if you will be coming during the second term.


If you don’t meet these deadlines, we are afraid we will not be able to guarantee a placement.

We also recommend that you take Spanish lessons before you come to Zaragoza so that you will not have serious problems communicating with professionals and supervisors. As a matter of fact, we will only be able to organise your placement if:

  • You can prove that your level of Spanish before coming to Zaragoza is already high enough (intermediate level at least).
  • You spend the whole academic year with us, and take a placement in the second term.

Remember you can also continue taking Spanish lessons once you arrive in Zaragoza. Contact your coordinator for more information since there are discounted prices for Erasmus students.

Work placements in Zaragoza

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